Friday, February 24, 2012

Great Face Friday: Good Morning Sunshine!

Today for Great Face FRIDAY, I want to talk about my great face of course, but yours as well!!

I realized in order to get out of the house on time for work during the week, which is generally 7am so I have a few minutes of grace time for traffic, coffee, breakfast etc; I must wake up an hour before.  If I'm feeling extra sassy I generally express that through my makeup choices and will need an extra 10-15mins.  I am almost 30 years old and I think I finally got this morning routine down.

So fresh and so CLEAN!
This pic is about 15 minutes into my routine as it is post shower. I have quite the make up routine as seen on a previous 'Great Face Friday' post here.
Woohoo SEXY MA MA! haha.. but this is the blank slate I begin with each day :)
..... and so here is the after......(drum roll please!)

This is right before I leave, I'm ready to face the world.
A few things I want to share regarding all this morning, sunshine, wake up early stuff. (yes undertones of disdain, I like to sleep in!)

1. I listen to my Bible App, during this beautification process, totally uplifting and I can concentrate pretty well to the oral version and sets the tone for the day.  How do you incorporate your faith rituals into your morning routine?  Do you think its important to do so?

2. I totally would have issues facing the world looking like the initial picture.  I find that to be a problem, and not a problem, simultaneously.  I find there is something to be noticed and received from a great face.  I know I quote that (at least my face is great) and joke about it, however I honestly believe that to be the case.  The question then arises, does make up make my face great?  Is it instead the structure of my cheeks and brow bone? Where does my confidence in that final picture come from compared to the initial picture?

Please share, What are your thoughts or suggestions on morning routines and facing the world each day!? 

Oh and have a MARVELOUS day!!

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  1. Hey Denise,
    I have that same dilemma,For me it's the flawless feeling that makeup gives me that allows me to have the extra bounce in my step. Either way I think you look beautiful in both pictures.