Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Beauty is in the eye of glasses.

Readers and Readettes I have a new found love... my newest wardrobe accessory... my MARVELOUS addition to my already profound collection (I guess if 4 different kinds is profound, it could be, right?!).. my newest pair of non perscription glasses.  I am wondering if there is a cooler term other than fashion glasses, or non perspcription glasses..haha.
Back to the topic at hand.  Take a look at the wonder and variety these optical additions provide.
 This was sunday, hence the dress and tights.  The purple was a great pop and the glasses definitely added the quirky, I am a sexy nerd, type feel... I can dig it, what are your thoughts?!!

The saucy look...

I had a wonder woman moment, what can I say....haha
I am nice, most days, during most of the few hours in the afternoon... mostly.


Here comes the casual look... check the T and many more like it at ....super fab!

Agghh the sun...its in my glasses.....

What is one of your favorite accessories that add that extra bit of character to the outfit?? I have 5 pairs of (fill in your own description) glasses that are all different shapes and colors.. ooh future post idea just sparked.. hehe :)

Glasses: Ragstock
Dress: Target, Mossimo
Tights: Lane Bryant
Booties: Nordstrom Rack, Via Spiga

Glasses: Ragstock
Cardigan: Target, Mossimo
Jeans: JCPenney, Arizona
Boots: JCPenney, Decree

Pictures: Me, My honey poo Aneesah.

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