Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Mondays: 54th Grammys, Whitney, Adele etc etc....

Happy Monday,

I know I have been slightly neglectful but as some of you know, and some are just now privy too (count yourself approved =D) I am a full time mom, student, employee at a charter school, worship leader at my church, friend and family member.  In other words I am SUPERWOMAN!  Well busy to say the least!  My apologies.. don't judge me, just love me. (hey that has new slogan potential.. I think I just might)

Moving along.. today is Music Monday!  WOOHOO.. one of my favorite topics in life.. MUSIC.  To celebrate the phenomenon known as records and record deals, the western world has developed the Grammy awards.  Now how many of you saw them?  Did you want to sleep through it?  Just wondering....  Don't get me wrong there was a lot of good.  Right... such as my girl ADELE.. yes we are really friends, she just is too busy to answer my phone calls, you know with surgery and all, so sad.  Well, she so graciously bestowed upon us her magical prose and capturing vocals.  I must be honest. I was glad to see she is recovering, I was however in a corner praying to my dear Lord Jesus.. PLEASE LET HER VOCALS RETURN.. and return back to normal!  I was slightly heartbroken, and sad for her.  From one vocalist to another, I know what its like to NOT be able to kill the song like you know you can.. and sound like she did last night.

SN: My sister and my girl Katie went to see her in August of 2011, she was super MARVELOUS and we had a BLAST... LOVE YOU ADELE!!

Katie and I on the way to see Adele in Aug of 2011 SO FUN!
She was driving us there...hahaha.. WE LOVE ADELE!

Another highlight, oddly enough was Paul McCartney singing Valentine.. SO GOOD.. More evidence that he was super duper fly in his day.... he did good.

Next up was Jennifer Hudson.. I thought she was immaculate.  She KILLED that song, with an axe. (in a good way, just follow me here ok)  Sometimes, like at Christmas in the White House, or whatever that was, she did a bit much on some of her selections.. last night.. PERFECT.  LOVED IT.  I was saddened by how little they did in honor of Whitney Houston's passing.  I know she was the 'in house-don't know how to behave on drugs crack head' but this is after the 20 some odd years of industry changing work she gave to the world.  Not to mention... mostly everyone in that biz is on something... Needless to say I was not impressed with how little they did.  This is one moment I am glad that BET has their long drawn out specials for the passed musicians.  She deserves it. See Jennifer Hudson singing I Will Always Love You.. at the end...marvelous!

Since this is Black History Month I find it appropriate to bring up the fact that Whitney was highly thought of in the White community in the 80's and 90's.  This proved problematic amongst the hater black community of that day.  I think what she did was good in that regard.  She offered a different insight and perspective that many white people had on black women.  She didn't fufill and stereotypes of "acting white" as the ignorant people say.  She was true to herself and her upbringing, showing the world that the beautiful, flawless, BLACK WOMAN that she was, had talent and could be accepted anywhere.  She was amazing.  Not only that, her 'Whitney' album was the first one in my life that I owned, an 8th birthday present, to go with my first very own boom box stereo.  LOVE YOU WHITNEY! 

I will only take this one sentence to ask you pray for Nikki Minaj, a special prayer because technically we all need prayer, but if she keep behaving as such Im sure she is going to find herself in the very company she kept on that stage last night.  (the little bit I did see of that demonic foolery)

SO, Who was your favorite?  Any commentary on the GOOD, the BAD,  or the MINAJ (ugly)?  I loved so much and was un impressed by so much... I just feel like I could go on all night and I would love to hear your thoughts.... so TYPE IN A COMMENT... K?!  K. 

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