Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: Arguably, the greatest gift you can't buy.

This is for all the moms, or future moms out in the blogosphere:
(and dads!! ....even though they cannot house, nuture and birth other humans)

These gifts we call our children, are wonderful and amazing and as parents we need to remember they are.....children.  They are not adults, or little men and women.  They immitate us as parents, therefore seemingly 'older' or more 'mature' then they are, but especially between the ages of birth (I would even venture to say in the womb, but that's for those that are really with me) to 5 there is SO MUCH going on in their bodies, which causes them to behave as babies and children.

Please, PLEASE, respond accordingly, do not REACT to a child, unless you yourself, have the maturity of that little being(s) in front of you.  Remember you are an adult, not a child yourself.  Do not respond with hitting or yelling unless you are completely aware that whatever you think they should not be doing, is in fact not a part of their development at the time.

Here is my peanut, and as I continue to strive to be the most effective influence in her development I wanted to share a few pics and opinions with you.

Watching something at church, and LOVING IT haha!

Take the picture already!

I recently produced a powerpoint for a 'Social Responsibility' project in my ethics class.  Yes, it was on parents and how they engage with their children, however I specifically applied that concept of interaction to educating our children as parents and the role we play, whether negative or positive, intential or unintential.

I am extremely intentional about who my daughter plays with, who she is watched by, how she speaks to adults (using Ms. Mr. etc), how she shares, what she wears... SO intentional.  I find that other parents are also, in the same way, to the above mentioned categories.  I find the biggest disconnect when they don't put as much effort into the specificity of their child's learning, or ability to read, count, write etc.

I want to challenge all parents, do more than read a book each day, that is what the baby sitter is supposed to do.  You, as a parent should take the time to make sure your child is ready and either on track or ahead of the game as it pertains to school. 

Here are some excerpts from the powerpoint I made last term.
Please read.

If you knew all of that already, GREAT.  If not please stay tuned..

Further I challenge, as you look at the slide below, and unless you decide to take your child to another country for education, YOU as the parent, are responsible for getting your child up this ladder. If you look below, legally, children have to begin formal education, in America, in 1st grade.  By all means start them then or before, but start them ready. 

If they don't make it past that line after high school, they have a greater chance of COSTING tax payers money, causing detriment to neighborhoods; compared to CONTRIBUTING to the greater society by paying taxes, not being on welfare, owning homes, etc.  Schools are to assist families by providing the structure needed for children to be successful, but if they don't come with skills needed as stated above, they cannot ensure success. 

It all starts with you parents. 

Now I am a very busy wife, mother, vocalist, I am a full time employee as a Data Manager currently at a charter school, heavily involved in my church, student, blogger, friend, sister daughter.. the list goes on of the many facets I live life.... and if I can do it, so can you. 

Some guidlines available are:

I will have a Part 2, to discuss some of the developmental processes going on within the toddlers and babies, on next weeks post.  For now.. be intentional on how and what your kids are learning; I would add spiritual AND educational.

Please leave comments on your successes and areas of improvements or your thoughts in general!!

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