Friday, February 24, 2012

Great Face Friday: Good Morning Sunshine!

Today for Great Face FRIDAY, I want to talk about my great face of course, but yours as well!!

I realized in order to get out of the house on time for work during the week, which is generally 7am so I have a few minutes of grace time for traffic, coffee, breakfast etc; I must wake up an hour before.  If I'm feeling extra sassy I generally express that through my makeup choices and will need an extra 10-15mins.  I am almost 30 years old and I think I finally got this morning routine down.

So fresh and so CLEAN!
This pic is about 15 minutes into my routine as it is post shower. I have quite the make up routine as seen on a previous 'Great Face Friday' post here.
Woohoo SEXY MA MA! haha.. but this is the blank slate I begin with each day :)
..... and so here is the after......(drum roll please!)

This is right before I leave, I'm ready to face the world.
A few things I want to share regarding all this morning, sunshine, wake up early stuff. (yes undertones of disdain, I like to sleep in!)

1. I listen to my Bible App, during this beautification process, totally uplifting and I can concentrate pretty well to the oral version and sets the tone for the day.  How do you incorporate your faith rituals into your morning routine?  Do you think its important to do so?

2. I totally would have issues facing the world looking like the initial picture.  I find that to be a problem, and not a problem, simultaneously.  I find there is something to be noticed and received from a great face.  I know I quote that (at least my face is great) and joke about it, however I honestly believe that to be the case.  The question then arises, does make up make my face great?  Is it instead the structure of my cheeks and brow bone? Where does my confidence in that final picture come from compared to the initial picture?

Please share, What are your thoughts or suggestions on morning routines and facing the world each day!? 

Oh and have a MARVELOUS day!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: Arguably, the greatest gift you can't buy.

This is for all the moms, or future moms out in the blogosphere:
(and dads!! ....even though they cannot house, nuture and birth other humans)

These gifts we call our children, are wonderful and amazing and as parents we need to remember they are.....children.  They are not adults, or little men and women.  They immitate us as parents, therefore seemingly 'older' or more 'mature' then they are, but especially between the ages of birth (I would even venture to say in the womb, but that's for those that are really with me) to 5 there is SO MUCH going on in their bodies, which causes them to behave as babies and children.

Please, PLEASE, respond accordingly, do not REACT to a child, unless you yourself, have the maturity of that little being(s) in front of you.  Remember you are an adult, not a child yourself.  Do not respond with hitting or yelling unless you are completely aware that whatever you think they should not be doing, is in fact not a part of their development at the time.

Here is my peanut, and as I continue to strive to be the most effective influence in her development I wanted to share a few pics and opinions with you.

Watching something at church, and LOVING IT haha!

Take the picture already!

I recently produced a powerpoint for a 'Social Responsibility' project in my ethics class.  Yes, it was on parents and how they engage with their children, however I specifically applied that concept of interaction to educating our children as parents and the role we play, whether negative or positive, intential or unintential.

I am extremely intentional about who my daughter plays with, who she is watched by, how she speaks to adults (using Ms. Mr. etc), how she shares, what she wears... SO intentional.  I find that other parents are also, in the same way, to the above mentioned categories.  I find the biggest disconnect when they don't put as much effort into the specificity of their child's learning, or ability to read, count, write etc.

I want to challenge all parents, do more than read a book each day, that is what the baby sitter is supposed to do.  You, as a parent should take the time to make sure your child is ready and either on track or ahead of the game as it pertains to school. 

Here are some excerpts from the powerpoint I made last term.
Please read.

If you knew all of that already, GREAT.  If not please stay tuned..

Further I challenge, as you look at the slide below, and unless you decide to take your child to another country for education, YOU as the parent, are responsible for getting your child up this ladder. If you look below, legally, children have to begin formal education, in America, in 1st grade.  By all means start them then or before, but start them ready. 

If they don't make it past that line after high school, they have a greater chance of COSTING tax payers money, causing detriment to neighborhoods; compared to CONTRIBUTING to the greater society by paying taxes, not being on welfare, owning homes, etc.  Schools are to assist families by providing the structure needed for children to be successful, but if they don't come with skills needed as stated above, they cannot ensure success. 

It all starts with you parents. 

Now I am a very busy wife, mother, vocalist, I am a full time employee as a Data Manager currently at a charter school, heavily involved in my church, student, blogger, friend, sister daughter.. the list goes on of the many facets I live life.... and if I can do it, so can you. 

Some guidlines available are:

I will have a Part 2, to discuss some of the developmental processes going on within the toddlers and babies, on next weeks post.  For now.. be intentional on how and what your kids are learning; I would add spiritual AND educational.

Please leave comments on your successes and areas of improvements or your thoughts in general!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Beauty is in the eye of glasses.

Readers and Readettes I have a new found love... my newest wardrobe accessory... my MARVELOUS addition to my already profound collection (I guess if 4 different kinds is profound, it could be, right?!).. my newest pair of non perscription glasses.  I am wondering if there is a cooler term other than fashion glasses, or non perspcription glasses..haha.
Back to the topic at hand.  Take a look at the wonder and variety these optical additions provide.
 This was sunday, hence the dress and tights.  The purple was a great pop and the glasses definitely added the quirky, I am a sexy nerd, type feel... I can dig it, what are your thoughts?!!

The saucy look...

I had a wonder woman moment, what can I say....haha
I am nice, most days, during most of the few hours in the afternoon... mostly.


Here comes the casual look... check the T and many more like it at ....super fab!

Agghh the sun...its in my glasses.....

What is one of your favorite accessories that add that extra bit of character to the outfit?? I have 5 pairs of (fill in your own description) glasses that are all different shapes and colors.. ooh future post idea just sparked.. hehe :)

Glasses: Ragstock
Dress: Target, Mossimo
Tights: Lane Bryant
Booties: Nordstrom Rack, Via Spiga

Glasses: Ragstock
Cardigan: Target, Mossimo
Jeans: JCPenney, Arizona
Boots: JCPenney, Decree

Pictures: Me, My honey poo Aneesah.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: MY STAR!

It isToddler Tuesday and I just had the MOST FUN with my kid last night.. haven't laughed this hard in a while!!

My beautiful princess. She is SO amazing, brilliant, wonderful, the list goes on! She is developing this certain appreciation for herself as the days continue. The video below is a great depiction of that. So after her bath, she wanted to take a 'picture' or so she said...Shortly thereafter she realized it was a still shot and what she really wanted was a video.. prepare you self for the STAR in making!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Mondays: 54th Grammys, Whitney, Adele etc etc....

Happy Monday,

I know I have been slightly neglectful but as some of you know, and some are just now privy too (count yourself approved =D) I am a full time mom, student, employee at a charter school, worship leader at my church, friend and family member.  In other words I am SUPERWOMAN!  Well busy to say the least!  My apologies.. don't judge me, just love me. (hey that has new slogan potential.. I think I just might)

Moving along.. today is Music Monday!  WOOHOO.. one of my favorite topics in life.. MUSIC.  To celebrate the phenomenon known as records and record deals, the western world has developed the Grammy awards.  Now how many of you saw them?  Did you want to sleep through it?  Just wondering....  Don't get me wrong there was a lot of good.  Right... such as my girl ADELE.. yes we are really friends, she just is too busy to answer my phone calls, you know with surgery and all, so sad.  Well, she so graciously bestowed upon us her magical prose and capturing vocals.  I must be honest. I was glad to see she is recovering, I was however in a corner praying to my dear Lord Jesus.. PLEASE LET HER VOCALS RETURN.. and return back to normal!  I was slightly heartbroken, and sad for her.  From one vocalist to another, I know what its like to NOT be able to kill the song like you know you can.. and sound like she did last night.

SN: My sister and my girl Katie went to see her in August of 2011, she was super MARVELOUS and we had a BLAST... LOVE YOU ADELE!!

Katie and I on the way to see Adele in Aug of 2011 SO FUN!
She was driving us there...hahaha.. WE LOVE ADELE!

Another highlight, oddly enough was Paul McCartney singing Valentine.. SO GOOD.. More evidence that he was super duper fly in his day.... he did good.

Next up was Jennifer Hudson.. I thought she was immaculate.  She KILLED that song, with an axe. (in a good way, just follow me here ok)  Sometimes, like at Christmas in the White House, or whatever that was, she did a bit much on some of her selections.. last night.. PERFECT.  LOVED IT.  I was saddened by how little they did in honor of Whitney Houston's passing.  I know she was the 'in house-don't know how to behave on drugs crack head' but this is after the 20 some odd years of industry changing work she gave to the world.  Not to mention... mostly everyone in that biz is on something... Needless to say I was not impressed with how little they did.  This is one moment I am glad that BET has their long drawn out specials for the passed musicians.  She deserves it. See Jennifer Hudson singing I Will Always Love You.. at the end...marvelous!

Since this is Black History Month I find it appropriate to bring up the fact that Whitney was highly thought of in the White community in the 80's and 90's.  This proved problematic amongst the hater black community of that day.  I think what she did was good in that regard.  She offered a different insight and perspective that many white people had on black women.  She didn't fufill and stereotypes of "acting white" as the ignorant people say.  She was true to herself and her upbringing, showing the world that the beautiful, flawless, BLACK WOMAN that she was, had talent and could be accepted anywhere.  She was amazing.  Not only that, her 'Whitney' album was the first one in my life that I owned, an 8th birthday present, to go with my first very own boom box stereo.  LOVE YOU WHITNEY! 

I will only take this one sentence to ask you pray for Nikki Minaj, a special prayer because technically we all need prayer, but if she keep behaving as such Im sure she is going to find herself in the very company she kept on that stage last night.  (the little bit I did see of that demonic foolery)

SO, Who was your favorite?  Any commentary on the GOOD, the BAD,  or the MINAJ (ugly)?  I loved so much and was un impressed by so much... I just feel like I could go on all night and I would love to hear your thoughts.... so TYPE IN A COMMENT... K?!  K. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Music Monday: South African with a Little Jazz

It is Black History Month (woohoooo) I love history, I love my people.  I found a marvelous website with a multitude of information.  It is moving and powerful to see how a people, a cultural group, was dissected, robbed, pillaged and raped of its prosperity and humanity; but continue to be trendsetters, contributors, people of power.  As I was reading today I came across this story of Miriam Makeba.  An intriguing story of music, love, beauty, exile, war, peace and ultimately world changing decisions.

Miriam Makeba

 Zenzile Miriam Makeba was born in 1932.  Imagine, or think back to your knowledge/awareness of what the world was like, internationally for people of color.  Now imagine this striking beauty, boldly trying to make a name for herself in the music industry, making a name for a new sound African Jazz.  In 2012 the odds would be in her favor, she is beautiful talented and creative.  In 1932, the odds were slightly different as she was black.  Even in Africa, it mattered.


The story continues to describe how she makes her way through a social justice performance, anti-apartheid musical, in South Africa in the 60's... she ended up in exile through a visa to Vienna.  While in exile she met Harry Belafonte and came to the US.   Long story short, she she won a Grammy, a peace prize, married Stokely Carmichael, served in the United Nations, CHANGED THE WORLD as we know it on so many levels. 


I am so inspired by her international efforts to do what she loved and made the world a better place, 1932- 2008.

Makeba in 1959 Come Back, Africa

Makeba & Belafonte 1966 Grammy Award Winner
Makeba & Carmichael

Makeba & Carmichael
Makeba in her STUNNING older years

ANOTHER MARVELOUS VIDEO HERE (embedding option disabled)

Who inspires you, whether talent, drive, beauty, words feel free to comment who and why. 
Continue to take advantage of this month of February, Black History Month, so we can learn more about the cultures that we are either a part of or which surround us.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday: Black Men in America

So I was thinking.......

February is Black History Month, and it is not because February is the shortest month for all you 'know it alls'.  February was chosen because of the birthday of President Lincoln and the birthday of Frederick Douglas (as accurately recorded as it could be for a slave); all decided by Dr. Carter G. Woodson.  To brush up on your knowledge of such read here.

Since it is Black History Month (BHM), it is appropriate to discuss matters pertaining to this celebratory season which I  LOVE!  In leu of all the excitement and interesting Facebook facts posted and reminders of our past, I attended an event hosted at my instution of higher education, Minneapolis Community and Technical College.  The student group SAAB, Students for African American Development presented a documentary film made by my pal Donald Allen, get details here, who is the professional development chair for SAAB.  This film was very truthful, and blatant about what a lot of impoverished black males face trying to come from the hood, the penitentary, crime and otherwise to higher learning.  Depending on when and how these brothers finished high school, it can be a gruesome process to make it to the first day of class, with books, necessary supplies and a decent attitude.  Let alone want to stay in school when the FAFSA checks cut.   When you don't have any money, or food etc, and you get money, sometimes you don't act right.  In many cases at MCTC, folk aren't acting right. 

This piece prompted the panel discussion afterwards, full of SAAB members and students at MCTC and in the audience sat faculty, administration, and fellow students.  Tension did build, complaints and problems were brought forward and the best part is the solutions that came from those that were the 1 out many, which faced the struggle head on that made it through to graduating this spring, sitting on that panel.  SAAB is about solutions and it was moving, informational, and engaging last night to see all that was presented. 

This event obviously, got me thinking, what do the brothers that didn't come from poverty, did graduate on time, do know how to use a computer, and only faced a court room because their parents are legal clerks, attorneys and the like.  What kinds of hardships do they face?   As I continued to process internally, and coming from my background, I thought of my daddy. My daddy is a 6'8'' black man; you know what people think, right off the cuff, no conversation, just sizing him up. Basketball. "oh man did you hoop" "I bet you played in college.."  That type of disrespectful stereotyping, is what black men with money, with stature face.  If its not sports assumed, it is music/rhythm, or its speech.  Black men, HAVE to sing, right?  They have to know how to play ball, some kind of ball? RIGHT?  They have to use slang.. RIGHT?  NO.  Black men are men, just as white men, or latino men, or Pakistani men, pick a country.... you choose.  They are men. They are fathers and brothers, they are teachers, attorneys, doctors, husbands, leaders.  My father has three masters degrees, a law degree and currently has is own law practice in the Bay Area, HIS OWN BOSS, and all people think is Basketball.

Shame on you if you have looked at a Black man and thought sports, he must know how to dance/sing.  Shame on you if you do that to anyone. (PERIOD)

I would like to shed light on some prevelant Black men in times past. Thank You.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with Family

I love this pic of MLK and Coretta.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson "father" of Black History Month

Young Frederick Douglass

A graceful aged Douglass

Charles Anderson first African American legislator in KY.
Dr. Lorenzo Greene, Professor and historian.
Fisk University Alumni

1959 Fisk University President