Friday, December 30, 2011

Great FACE Friday - How did you do that?!

Good Day my followers and fellow bloggers! 
I am loving the winter break I have been on and believe me I am taking it all in!!!!!  My house is sparkling, I have been on lunch dates, lounged around in sweats on the sofa, spent all day on Pinterest and much more and My Face is Great!!

As I stroll about, through the streets of Minneapolis and surrounding Metro Area I am often asked how did you do that?!  First of all I admit, I was born with it... Surely I jest! haha.. I then tell them I do this, that, and the other. 

Well for those of you that have always wondered what it takes to get this great face... pay attention, take notes and put your seat belts on! The faces below were created by the steps to the right of themm; the products and a glimpse of action.

**Disclaimer:  I do not buy expensive makeup, I actually USE my makeup, and my hair was in the middle of drying and on my NERVES throughout these pics.  DON'T judge me!! ***
1. Face using Covergirl. 
First the top liquid powder, next the simply powder evenly distributed over entire face and under chin in order to prevent makeup lines..

2. Primer using Urban Decay. 
Some use a brush I use my finger, again evenly distributed over the entire eyelid.

3. Eyebrows using Covergirl. 
First brush with one end of the eyeliner pencil, next fill in with pencil, careful so its not too dark!

4. Eyebrows using Covergirl.
I use clear mascara to brush them into shape and they are secured for most of the day.

5.  Eyeshadow using Covergirl.
I suggest, and I always do, begin with a flesh tone color, I like shimmer, your choice.  Since this one is slightly darker than my tone, I apply this to the crease and below.

6. Eyeshadow using Maybelline.
 I am HUGE on blending, so of course I can't leave the top half of my eye bare.  This flesh tone is slightly lighter than my tone so I apply this to the crease and above.  I could stop here for a day look and skip ahead to steps 11 and 13.

7.  Color using Maybelline. 
This is typically how I add color to my eyes.  I decided to go with a purple. This purple is the lighter of the two I will use, so it will go in the middle.  I begin in the middle and make my way up.  Using this angled brush I am able to form an arch with the color that lines up with the arch of my eyebrow.

7. Shading with black using Covergirl. 
To shade in for more of a dramatic look I begin at the outside, again using the angled brush making my way up to align with my eyebrow.  This time I allow for a more narrow gap.  This is entirely up to the eye shape and amount of drama you want for your eyes. If I wanted to skip the purple and do this on the nude eye (after steps 5 & 6) I would go from a day look to a night look.

8. Blending using Covergirl & Maybelline. 
Using my brush by Sonia Kushak, I retreat to the flesh tone shadows from steps 5 & 6. 
The slightly darker is used to blend from the corner of my to the middle of the eye, the slightly lighter blending from right at my arch out to the end of my eyebrow.

9. Clean up with Covergirl.
Using the straight edge of the liquid powder, I clean up all excess eyeshadow.  I do a sweep under my eyes as well.

10. Adding depth using Physician's formula and Covergirl.
Using the biggest powder brush I have I use the Physician's formula on my cheeks (accenting my freckles :D) and a smaller powder brush to add the bronzer as a blush which creates a shadow for slimming my face.  I add this to my nose and forehead and under my chin as well.

11.  Eyeliner by Maybelline.
I LOVE eyeliner.  I like it heavy.  You don't have to use as much, but again the more eyeliner the more drama. I start at the beginning of my lashes and make my way out.  I make the line thicker as I go outward. 

12. Mascara by REVLON.
Mascara is something else I LOVE :).  First the grow luscious (all green) followed by the grow luscious plumping.  This gives the depth and length I want.   ALMOST DONE.... :D

13. Finally LIPS by Jordana and Blistex.
Blistex is my favorite lip balm, nothing special about that. :) I like Jordana because is nude and $1.50 at Walgreens.  I would not do a color on my lip with all of this eyeshadow, however skipping the purple, and lighten up on the black, you could pull of a red, coral, or berry. 
GREAT!!!! I'm done and ready to go. 

Your face is Great GIRL! "woo weew" (the hott mama whistle I couldn't do if I tried! haha)

Please comment your favorite steps and or anything you could add or change regarding my current process.  I would love to hear your suggestions!!!

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