Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TODDLER Tuesday!! My darling is 3!

I bought basic inexpensive wood letters from Michaels and painted them, then hung them in her room. :)

My beloved Mayowa, that's her family name short for Gabriella Olumayowa which is her first and middle name.  She is amazing and beautiful and more than I could've ever imagined in one little container of joy. 

Apple Orchard Fall 2011

Her second name, Olumayowa (oh-loo-mah-yo-wah), is Yoruba for God has given/brought us joy. I liked the ring to it when she was first born, and my husband is Yoruba.  She is a gift, given to us on Nov 3, 2008... I didn't know what she was going to be like, obviously.. but let me tell you, if you have been around her or most times even see her, she brings a smile to your face and literally 'joy' to your heart!!

about 2 months old

From 2-3 she transformed SO MUCH!! :)

Age 2, literally the day after her bday, with her favorite... ELMO! :)

Winter 2010; she loves painting

Easter 2011; my office pic of her

Spring 2011; on the way to daycare

This was her 3rd birthday party :)

and her thank you card below...


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