Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday: Lovin' all the people in my life!

Readers & Readettes!!

I come to you heavy laden, exhausted with a long laundry list, goals and ambitions to add, AND career & faith commitments.... this girl is TIRED! 

As I sit and think of my long list and full life, I can't help but think of all of the people in my life... specifically all of the strong women in my life!

My faith in Christ is what keeps me sane, my husband keeps me grounded with his logical stubborn me I need to be kept near planet earth! (love you baby!!) My parents are always there when I need them, for babysitting or surprise birthday visits.. (read that story here)

the women in my life come from a place of specific understanding, emotional connections and out right love and support.  They often understand because they have gone through what I have, or will go through it and learn right along with me.  The little things like fashion, humor, vacations, life stories.. those are all things my girls share with me.

Recently I hit nesting stage in my pregnancy, I'll be 30 weeks on Sunday, and I freaked out... like had a MOMENT!  I found myself texting some of my closest girlfriends this mass txt of 911 emergency! HA... Im so dramatic sometimes.. yes, me, really.

But every single one just said YES, I will be there for you... and for a pregnant lady, with a hard working husband, (like 80 hours a week) moving bedrooms and storage around a three level home.. I was in tears.  Again, here is the drama, except that's mostly pregnancy crying.  I was in tears and in love with all my friends and family that are really supporting me. 

Here are some pics of only SOME of us in our moments:
Mommy and my big sis Rebekah. Alaska, July 2012

My daddy and I. California, Aug 2011
My in-laws. My home in Minneapolis, Nov 2008

My husband and I. Cozumel cruise, July 2010
Throw back pic. Minneapolis, 2004
Stephy and I. Minneapolis Walker Museum, Nov 2011

Ari, Stephy, Cari and myself. Ginger Hop, Minneapolis, Nov 2010.
Ari and I. Minneapolis, 2009.

en route to Adele at XCel Energy Center. St. Paul, Aug 2011.

Katie and I, en route to Adele at the Xcel Energy Center. Aug 2011.

Busola, Katie and I.  Dakota Jazz Club, Minneapolis, Oct 2011

 Busola and I. Minneapolis, Aug 2009.
Busola and I. Minneapolis, 2009.
Stephy, Aneesah and I. Barrio St Paul, 2009.
Myself and Aneesah. Twilight Midnight Premiere, Nov 2009.

Myself and Aneesah. NYC, July 2010.
Ronke and I en route to NYC, July 2010

Ronke and Stephy. NYC, July 2010.

Cua, Ronke and Dominique.  Minneapolis, Aug 2012.

Myself and Buki. Minneapolis, Aug 2012.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: DIY Color Block Nail Splash!

Readers & Readettes, HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!

I am having fun with all of my birthday gifts, a lot of which were makeup and nail color!

When it comes to nail color OPI is my favorite, next up is Nicole, thereafter is Sally Hansen Manicure.. what's ur favorite brand to splash!?

I decided to play around with the color and pinterest has a funny way of inspiring a bit of creativity, that and being seven months pregnant you only have so many options of what to make extra SWAG-tastic! :)

Shortly after all my colors were in, I decided to go with OPI navy ish color *swoon* is was a good call!  I did my own toes and everything... that was very hard with this little thing growing in my belly, haha!

The story continues, my toes still looked great after a week, but my finger nails were left to be desired, and I had to give a presentation at work on Monday... sooo what did I have fun doing?
A color block manicure!

It was fun and super easy.  Here is how I did it, and for the first time, I'd say it looks MARVELOUS! :)

First I picked a contrasting color for fun, I suppose you can vary the shades of a particular hue, I prefer the bold statement of hot pink and navy!

 I took off the 'ROAD HOUSE BLUES' that was old and unappealing,  I filed and shaped my nails, then applied two coats of the 'PINKALICIOUS' (by maybelline) around 3:30pm.  Usually I do a base coat from OPI, but I didn't know how this was going to turn out, so I decided against it.
Around 10:00pm I was finally getting in my bed...
SN: I suppose for those of you who don't like to sleep with wet nails, you could do about 8:00-8:30pm and sit with a blow dryer to dry them all the way.

I had all my supplies at bedside and began to color block!

I have scotch tape, 'ROAD HOUSE BLUES' & top coat by Nicole. 
Another SN: When deciding colors, you want to save the darker color for the top layer in order to ensure the true colors show.  For example, the pink wouldn't have shown on top of the navy, and for DIY, you have to consider the supplies and our ambidextrious-ness or lack there of!
These pictures indicate where I used the scotch tape to cover the pink and allow for a clean break between colors.  I painted two coats of the 'ROAD HOUSE BLUES' then waited about 30 minutes to pull off the tape.  Afterwhich I painted one coat of top coat, then fell asleep shortly thereafter.

This shot was taken prior to me falling asleep, about 5 mins after the top coat was applied.
The morning after on the way to work, I liked the contrast with my bold patterned wrap dress from the GAP.

If you are a DIY manicurist, this should be simple and fun.  If not, give it a whirl, it will be fun, make sure you have the remover handy just in case! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hello to all my readers & readettes!


Well actually I have a few...
First of all, I am changing Toddler Tuesdays, to Two Kids Tuesday.. I think it sounds catchy (wink)! 
Secondly, we are still NOT sharing the sex of our baby.. but I have an idea!

So many people are upset or bothered and think we are somehow being unfair regarding the gestation of our second child, but I think its fun to not share all of the details right up front!  

We are not having a baby shower, we are doing the west African tradition of a Naming Ceremony.  My husband is Nigerian, and his father will facilitate and it will be great!  That is when we share with all whom we love the name, and as tradition goes, the story of our child.  The invites to the Naming Ceremony will reveal the sex of my second child!  Great right!?  OF COURSE IT IS!

There is still the last 2-3 months of waiting that my friends, co-workers, family and you will continue to endure, so why not put a challenge on the table.... *dunh dunh dduuuuunnnnhhhh*

So many of my people... "KNOW" what the baby is.  I assure you everyone has a 50/50 chance of being correct.  My thought is.. put your money where your mouth is, in a fun interactive way!  Here are the rules:

So you THINK YOU KNOW?! Contest

To enter you will submit ONE TIME ONLY, your pick of the sex of my baby!  In the comments section below please write the following.

Your choice of sex
Your name & our relationship (church, work, friend, family, reader etc)

If you are right.. you get the rights to bring it up at anytime and say 'I told you so' all you want too! 

If you are wrong.. you have to put in $10, in the "I REALLY HAD NO IDEA" jar at the naming ceremony and/or work and/or when you see me!

So what'dya say!?  You think you know.. let's see if you're right!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's been a long time coming...but I know.. A CHANGE GON' COME!

Stinking LOVE Sam Cooke!

Well my readers and readettes, it has only been a bah-gillion months since I posted last.  Appropriately so, a bah-gillion changes have taken place in my life as well, your patience is much appreciated!

For one, I'm almost 7 months pregnant expecting my second child, and the sex is a secret!!! *cue evil laugh*


I just turned 30!!     0_0

I feel so overwhelmingly fortunate for all the AMAZING, thoughtful, creative, caring, loving, selfless people in my life.  There were so many people that gave a birthday shoutout and/or was present at one of my events this weekend, and I am SO appreciative!
Thanks to my sister and immediate family for making this weekend UNFORGETTABLE (I can't think of a better word, seriously, so good)!!!!  She has totally outdone herself this year, and I have exactly one year and two months to do something to knock her socks off.. you have no idea what this means!!  It means I will need comments and suggestions below of BEST BIRTHDAY IDEAS!! :)
I am very excited and welcoming my 30s with two children, a super duper fly husband, my renovated and updated home, my wonderful career, and of course my AWESOME church and personal growth in the KINGDOM #mylifetotheking!!

My 20s were a time of being hard-headed and doing my own thing... (satan get thee behind)!  I made so many mistakes, but I learn well, even if it is the hard way.  I am able to count up costs, see what was a good idea and what wasn't, forgive myself and those around me, woo-sah, and make my future and my family legacy, a great place to be!

Here are some pics from the weekend!!! :)

Birthday Dinner with my husband, Recio
All of my family, inlaws siblings etc!  They surprised me!! :)

My daddy flew into town and surprised me! Which was surprise #2! I love him SO MUCH!

we ended up getting caught in the rain on the rooftop at Crave in Minneapolis (dinner #2)... they were still FAB!

Skyway photo..pre-tsunami!

 My sister is in this cute collage, of course she made... she's brilliant and swag-tastic!  I love her so much and will have a fantasticly amazing life largely due to her! 

I know you are all just smitten with my story, and have memories that have surfaced of your own birthday funtimes!  I need to know them asap... I got 14 months and counting for this chick, as stated above, to get her back, and get her back good! Please comment below ideas, or stories you would like to share!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Great Face Friday: Good Morning Sunshine!

Today for Great Face FRIDAY, I want to talk about my great face of course, but yours as well!!

I realized in order to get out of the house on time for work during the week, which is generally 7am so I have a few minutes of grace time for traffic, coffee, breakfast etc; I must wake up an hour before.  If I'm feeling extra sassy I generally express that through my makeup choices and will need an extra 10-15mins.  I am almost 30 years old and I think I finally got this morning routine down.

So fresh and so CLEAN!
This pic is about 15 minutes into my routine as it is post shower. I have quite the make up routine as seen on a previous 'Great Face Friday' post here.
Woohoo SEXY MA MA! haha.. but this is the blank slate I begin with each day :)
..... and so here is the after......(drum roll please!)

This is right before I leave, I'm ready to face the world.
A few things I want to share regarding all this morning, sunshine, wake up early stuff. (yes undertones of disdain, I like to sleep in!)

1. I listen to my Bible App, during this beautification process, totally uplifting and I can concentrate pretty well to the oral version and sets the tone for the day.  How do you incorporate your faith rituals into your morning routine?  Do you think its important to do so?

2. I totally would have issues facing the world looking like the initial picture.  I find that to be a problem, and not a problem, simultaneously.  I find there is something to be noticed and received from a great face.  I know I quote that (at least my face is great) and joke about it, however I honestly believe that to be the case.  The question then arises, does make up make my face great?  Is it instead the structure of my cheeks and brow bone? Where does my confidence in that final picture come from compared to the initial picture?

Please share, What are your thoughts or suggestions on morning routines and facing the world each day!? 

Oh and have a MARVELOUS day!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: Arguably, the greatest gift you can't buy.

This is for all the moms, or future moms out in the blogosphere:
(and dads!! ....even though they cannot house, nuture and birth other humans)

These gifts we call our children, are wonderful and amazing and as parents we need to remember they are.....children.  They are not adults, or little men and women.  They immitate us as parents, therefore seemingly 'older' or more 'mature' then they are, but especially between the ages of birth (I would even venture to say in the womb, but that's for those that are really with me) to 5 there is SO MUCH going on in their bodies, which causes them to behave as babies and children.

Please, PLEASE, respond accordingly, do not REACT to a child, unless you yourself, have the maturity of that little being(s) in front of you.  Remember you are an adult, not a child yourself.  Do not respond with hitting or yelling unless you are completely aware that whatever you think they should not be doing, is in fact not a part of their development at the time.

Here is my peanut, and as I continue to strive to be the most effective influence in her development I wanted to share a few pics and opinions with you.

Watching something at church, and LOVING IT haha!

Take the picture already!

I recently produced a powerpoint for a 'Social Responsibility' project in my ethics class.  Yes, it was on parents and how they engage with their children, however I specifically applied that concept of interaction to educating our children as parents and the role we play, whether negative or positive, intential or unintential.

I am extremely intentional about who my daughter plays with, who she is watched by, how she speaks to adults (using Ms. Mr. etc), how she shares, what she wears... SO intentional.  I find that other parents are also, in the same way, to the above mentioned categories.  I find the biggest disconnect when they don't put as much effort into the specificity of their child's learning, or ability to read, count, write etc.

I want to challenge all parents, do more than read a book each day, that is what the baby sitter is supposed to do.  You, as a parent should take the time to make sure your child is ready and either on track or ahead of the game as it pertains to school. 

Here are some excerpts from the powerpoint I made last term.
Please read.

If you knew all of that already, GREAT.  If not please stay tuned..

Further I challenge, as you look at the slide below, and unless you decide to take your child to another country for education, YOU as the parent, are responsible for getting your child up this ladder. If you look below, legally, children have to begin formal education, in America, in 1st grade.  By all means start them then or before, but start them ready. 

If they don't make it past that line after high school, they have a greater chance of COSTING tax payers money, causing detriment to neighborhoods; compared to CONTRIBUTING to the greater society by paying taxes, not being on welfare, owning homes, etc.  Schools are to assist families by providing the structure needed for children to be successful, but if they don't come with skills needed as stated above, they cannot ensure success. 

It all starts with you parents. 

Now I am a very busy wife, mother, vocalist, I am a full time employee as a Data Manager currently at a charter school, heavily involved in my church, student, blogger, friend, sister daughter.. the list goes on of the many facets I live life.... and if I can do it, so can you. 

Some guidlines available are:

I will have a Part 2, to discuss some of the developmental processes going on within the toddlers and babies, on next weeks post.  For now.. be intentional on how and what your kids are learning; I would add spiritual AND educational.

Please leave comments on your successes and areas of improvements or your thoughts in general!!