Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday: Lovin' all the people in my life!

Readers & Readettes!!

I come to you heavy laden, exhausted with a long laundry list, goals and ambitions to add, AND career & faith commitments.... this girl is TIRED! 

As I sit and think of my long list and full life, I can't help but think of all of the people in my life... specifically all of the strong women in my life!

My faith in Christ is what keeps me sane, my husband keeps me grounded with his logical stubborn me I need to be kept near planet earth! (love you baby!!) My parents are always there when I need them, for babysitting or surprise birthday visits.. (read that story here)

the women in my life come from a place of specific understanding, emotional connections and out right love and support.  They often understand because they have gone through what I have, or will go through it and learn right along with me.  The little things like fashion, humor, vacations, life stories.. those are all things my girls share with me.

Recently I hit nesting stage in my pregnancy, I'll be 30 weeks on Sunday, and I freaked out... like had a MOMENT!  I found myself texting some of my closest girlfriends this mass txt of 911 emergency! HA... Im so dramatic sometimes.. yes, me, really.

But every single one just said YES, I will be there for you... and for a pregnant lady, with a hard working husband, (like 80 hours a week) moving bedrooms and storage around a three level home.. I was in tears.  Again, here is the drama, except that's mostly pregnancy crying.  I was in tears and in love with all my friends and family that are really supporting me. 

Here are some pics of only SOME of us in our moments:
Mommy and my big sis Rebekah. Alaska, July 2012

My daddy and I. California, Aug 2011
My in-laws. My home in Minneapolis, Nov 2008

My husband and I. Cozumel cruise, July 2010
Throw back pic. Minneapolis, 2004
Stephy and I. Minneapolis Walker Museum, Nov 2011

Ari, Stephy, Cari and myself. Ginger Hop, Minneapolis, Nov 2010.
Ari and I. Minneapolis, 2009.

en route to Adele at XCel Energy Center. St. Paul, Aug 2011.

Katie and I, en route to Adele at the Xcel Energy Center. Aug 2011.

Busola, Katie and I.  Dakota Jazz Club, Minneapolis, Oct 2011

 Busola and I. Minneapolis, Aug 2009.
Busola and I. Minneapolis, 2009.
Stephy, Aneesah and I. Barrio St Paul, 2009.
Myself and Aneesah. Twilight Midnight Premiere, Nov 2009.

Myself and Aneesah. NYC, July 2010.
Ronke and I en route to NYC, July 2010

Ronke and Stephy. NYC, July 2010.

Cua, Ronke and Dominique.  Minneapolis, Aug 2012.

Myself and Buki. Minneapolis, Aug 2012.

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