Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: DIY Color Block Nail Splash!

Readers & Readettes, HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!

I am having fun with all of my birthday gifts, a lot of which were makeup and nail color!

When it comes to nail color OPI is my favorite, next up is Nicole, thereafter is Sally Hansen Manicure.. what's ur favorite brand to splash!?

I decided to play around with the color and pinterest has a funny way of inspiring a bit of creativity, that and being seven months pregnant you only have so many options of what to make extra SWAG-tastic! :)

Shortly after all my colors were in, I decided to go with OPI navy ish color *swoon* is was a good call!  I did my own toes and everything... that was very hard with this little thing growing in my belly, haha!

The story continues, my toes still looked great after a week, but my finger nails were left to be desired, and I had to give a presentation at work on Monday... sooo what did I have fun doing?
A color block manicure!

It was fun and super easy.  Here is how I did it, and for the first time, I'd say it looks MARVELOUS! :)

First I picked a contrasting color for fun, I suppose you can vary the shades of a particular hue, I prefer the bold statement of hot pink and navy!

 I took off the 'ROAD HOUSE BLUES' that was old and unappealing,  I filed and shaped my nails, then applied two coats of the 'PINKALICIOUS' (by maybelline) around 3:30pm.  Usually I do a base coat from OPI, but I didn't know how this was going to turn out, so I decided against it.
Around 10:00pm I was finally getting in my bed...
SN: I suppose for those of you who don't like to sleep with wet nails, you could do about 8:00-8:30pm and sit with a blow dryer to dry them all the way.

I had all my supplies at bedside and began to color block!

I have scotch tape, 'ROAD HOUSE BLUES' & top coat by Nicole. 
Another SN: When deciding colors, you want to save the darker color for the top layer in order to ensure the true colors show.  For example, the pink wouldn't have shown on top of the navy, and for DIY, you have to consider the supplies and our ambidextrious-ness or lack there of!
These pictures indicate where I used the scotch tape to cover the pink and allow for a clean break between colors.  I painted two coats of the 'ROAD HOUSE BLUES' then waited about 30 minutes to pull off the tape.  Afterwhich I painted one coat of top coat, then fell asleep shortly thereafter.

This shot was taken prior to me falling asleep, about 5 mins after the top coat was applied.
The morning after on the way to work, I liked the contrast with my bold patterned wrap dress from the GAP.

If you are a DIY manicurist, this should be simple and fun.  If not, give it a whirl, it will be fun, make sure you have the remover handy just in case! 

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