Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's been a long time coming...but I know.. A CHANGE GON' COME!

Stinking LOVE Sam Cooke!

Well my readers and readettes, it has only been a bah-gillion months since I posted last.  Appropriately so, a bah-gillion changes have taken place in my life as well, your patience is much appreciated!

For one, I'm almost 7 months pregnant expecting my second child, and the sex is a secret!!! *cue evil laugh*


I just turned 30!!     0_0

I feel so overwhelmingly fortunate for all the AMAZING, thoughtful, creative, caring, loving, selfless people in my life.  There were so many people that gave a birthday shoutout and/or was present at one of my events this weekend, and I am SO appreciative!
Thanks to my sister and immediate family for making this weekend UNFORGETTABLE (I can't think of a better word, seriously, so good)!!!!  She has totally outdone herself this year, and I have exactly one year and two months to do something to knock her socks off.. you have no idea what this means!!  It means I will need comments and suggestions below of BEST BIRTHDAY IDEAS!! :)
I am very excited and welcoming my 30s with two children, a super duper fly husband, my renovated and updated home, my wonderful career, and of course my AWESOME church and personal growth in the KINGDOM #mylifetotheking!!

My 20s were a time of being hard-headed and doing my own thing... (satan get thee behind)!  I made so many mistakes, but I learn well, even if it is the hard way.  I am able to count up costs, see what was a good idea and what wasn't, forgive myself and those around me, woo-sah, and make my future and my family legacy, a great place to be!

Here are some pics from the weekend!!! :)

Birthday Dinner with my husband, Recio
All of my family, inlaws siblings etc!  They surprised me!! :)

My daddy flew into town and surprised me! Which was surprise #2! I love him SO MUCH!

we ended up getting caught in the rain on the rooftop at Crave in Minneapolis (dinner #2)... they were still FAB!

Skyway photo..pre-tsunami!

 My sister is in this cute collage, of course she made... she's brilliant and swag-tastic!  I love her so much and will have a fantasticly amazing life largely due to her! 

I know you are all just smitten with my story, and have memories that have surfaced of your own birthday funtimes!  I need to know them asap... I got 14 months and counting for this chick, as stated above, to get her back, and get her back good! Please comment below ideas, or stories you would like to share!!

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