Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a RED Christmas

For today, Wardrobe Wednesday, I can't help but be warm and fuzzy inside; Christmas is here and one of my favorite colors is profoundly MARVELOUS.... RED!  I love red, what can I say, and who doesn't?  Below are some pieces that are SUPER FAB for me and my body type: all legs, troubled midsection, and a great face!! (don't judge me! =D)

Take a peek......

I'm Dreaming of a Red Christmas!

I'm Dreaming of a Red Christmas! by theeuphony featuring a shift dress

Think about what styles accent your best assets, every girl has them (guys too, they have more leniency though). Furthermore, we girls all have trouble spots we need not ignore.
My two BEST: Eyes and Legs
My two WORST: Back (left- black dress) Tummy (right-blue shirt)

As you can see the aforementioned particulars will help in accenting the best about me externally and hide the worst for only me to worry about... it's like magic. Almost as magic as Christmas morning!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Jesus Christ and music are the two things...

For "Music Mondays" I am featuring the MARVELOUS band, Worth Dying For.

They rock the planet, and are seriously talented.  It is very hard to find groups that fulfill the talent requirement, while still being beautiful people.  I was reading their bio, of course because I am slightly obsessed... :) and I love the part about "Jesus Christ and music are the two things that consume the thoughts and lives of the band." I completely identify with this consumption.  Next for me is food, but music and Christ; I don't know if it gets better than that on earth!

My favorite song on this album is first HIGHER followed by SAVIOR... fantastically AWESOME!

You should totally check out their youtube channel, better yet buy their album! They ROCK!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday

This Thursday, shall be based upon my family.  I realized I love Thanksgiving so much because of the food; and spending time with those I love, while I eat it! ;-) I wanted to post about my immediate family.  I love them SO much!  They are awesome ROCKSTARS, and are so creative and I wouldn't trade them for the world... literally! 

I love my sisters and my mother, I am the really tall one on the left. :) (my dad is 6'8'' what can I say).    The next is the eldest Rebekah, which is a story all in its self.  Long story short I just met her last weekend, Nov 17th, she was reunited with us, and how lucky we are!!  Momma Maggi is fantastically AMAZING!  Mother of all things wonderful, including great food, and lots of laughs.  Finally, the best saved for last, is the youngest Stephanie, from Graded on a Curve, she is gorgeous and fantastic in every way.  Picture by the amazing Melissa Oholendt

My beautiful 3 year old daughter Mayowa (left) and her BFF Olivia (right) from today, they are so cute!  I am ever grateful for this awesome gift of a child. <3 <3 <3

I love this picture of my husband Reese and I, this is from a wedding I performed at in July... CLASSIC US!  SOO FUNNY! :-) <3 

I wish you all a Wonderful Thanksgiving as you all think of what your thankful for.  Let your thoughts this Thursday be that of peace & love.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Euphony is a funny word.  It is very mouthwatering.  I find it is a perfect description of what goes on in my head, and in my life.  There is a lot to be said of a mother, wife, student, Christian, Data Manager, homeowner, singer, hair stylist, educator, understanding, loving, sister, daughter, BFF, and undeniably striking beauty.
Stay tuned....