Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TWO Kids Tuesday: SO in LOVE!

I am SO IN LOVE... all over again, that new love, can't stop thinking about you love.. my baby Mikun is SO precious.. he is amazing and brilliant... the list goes on!

He was born Nov 1st two days before my daughter was born in 2008.... yeah, I know, both birthdays back to back! With my husbands cultural (Nigerian) practice of a Naming Ceremony, we named our son on Nov 8th 2012.  Yes we filled out the paper work before we left the hospital but its custom to not share or not yet introduce the baby until the 8th day.  This was done in Luke 2, with Jesus.  We had an amazing time with family and friends who joined us in this special, once in a lifetime experience. 

He is now 10 weeks this thursday and full of smiles, goo goo gah gah's and a strong demand for his needs to be met.  His different fussy sqweals actually warm my heart as they gain the attention to detail he so desires.  I am UTTERLY and COMPLETELY smitten, my heart swells with thankfulness and love for my BABY BOY!

Enough of the mushy stuff right! LOL!

My daughter on the other hand is so effecient and brilliant in her own right.  She is constantly checking up on him, loving on him, and when he smiles her way... she is overjoyed its SO CUTE.. (so this is turning mushy too.. sigh) ... LOVE THEM!  Here are a few pics to enjoy!

Gabriella Olumayowa Tolulope Fadina ~ Nov 3, 2008
Giovani Ayomikun Morrison Olufemi Fadina ~ Nov 1, 2012
Naming Ceremony Nov 8, 2012 for Ayomikun
The Fadinas

3 days old, Mikun
Christmas 2012
Mayowa & Mikun

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