Sunday, December 4, 2011

From Her Eyes - MUSIC Mondays

Mara Hruby is super MARVELOUS. She is beautiful and talented, from Oakland, CA (WEST - SIDE!) and she summed up her introductory sound as a Melodic Melting Pot

Her bio on says this:

"...She burst onto the scene in the beginning of 2010 playing shows all around the Bay Area and is now releasing her debut EP “From Her Eyes”. This is her first release of music to the world and it will say a lot about her character and vision as an artist. Mara Hruby worked on this album for a total of nine months and even went as far as recording and arranging/engineering her own vocals. As a true artist, she jumps right into her dreams and doesn’t emerge until a full, final, conceptualized, and complete project has risen. “From Her Eyes” is an EP of cover songs originally recorded by male artists, and each song has represented a moment in her life. She is covering artists such and Mos Def, Andre 3000, Jamiroquai, even D’Angelo and a few others. She is a mesmerizing artist that puts on a show with poise and grace, and she’ll bring you into her heart like no other. "

Needless to say, after that anyway, she is a gem. These few gorgeous and beautful snapshots can be found on her website

I am lovin her hair and her great FACE!  You know I LOVE a Great Face!!! :)

Buy her Album: FROM HER EYES here (Loving the mathematics undertones on the cover graphic.. hehe)
And while you wait for it check her youtube channel:
Below is her newest video, LOVE IT! I hope you all enjoy her as much as I do.

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