Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday!

Thursday is all about thoughts, opinions and the like.  I have what I call 'MOMENTS' and these are when I struggle to make sense of all that is going on and wish I could behave as my toddler does and throw a tantrum right in the middle of the floor.  All 5'10'' 200lbs of me (yes I'm a big girl tho I may not want to behave as such)!!! 
Something that feels like this... usually...
Having a MOMENT!

I realize that before I get to the above moments in life, I usually progress as follows...

On my NERVES....

really??!!!! is this REALLY what is happening right now?!

So what's a girl to do?
Specifically this week, there is so much on my plate, A TON of due dates from finals in school, project deadlines for some of my side hustles, end of term processing for my job, new songs this weekend for church.... I mean COME ON!!  When it rains it pours right?!?!?!

That is what I felt like yesterday, and as the chaos of today ensues, I find myself in the eye of the storm by changing my focus.  The glass is half FULL, it has to be!  I have a job, I am in school, I get to sing lead in the most awesome worship band ever AAANNNDDD I have an awesome family. 

I rely heavily on prayer and quiet time with my Bible, I focus on the good and not as much on the bad (although it is kicking me in my shin half the time) and I make sure to stay organized, at the very least a few days out, so I can take one day at a time. 

I do love life, and all that is in it... do you?
Happy place... :)

Comment below if you have some tips for stress or hectic schedules... how do you not only cope but stay happy/ joyful/ motivated/ inspired throughout all of the things this life offers?

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