Monday, December 26, 2011

Music MONDAYS! - Leah Smith

I hope your holidays have been a BLAST! :) Our family Christmas was amazing, and through all of the holiday finds, I came across this stunning voice.....Leah Smith.  She also falls under the category of MARVELOUS! 

She is a smooth beauty similar to my last Music Monday Feature, Leah Smith has a more dynamic sound with a focus on Christ, I LOVE IT!  Her abilities are so high quality. She can sing, she can play, she can hold her own with very little on stage, imagine what is to come as she progresses.

Her website is still Myspace which I think could be upgraded a bit, however, after all the high acclaims noted in her bio I completely agree with this:
"Smith’s music offers a breath of fresh air to the music that mainstream culture has grown accustomed to. Leah Smith wants to share with her listeners that 'real, living hope is accessible to all.'”

Featured on BET's 106 & Park

LOVE HER STYLE... and her smile!

Her she is LIVE.....

This is the song I fell in love with, SUPER upbeat and intriguing.. Im warning you if you are in the mood for that, you will not play it just once. :)

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