Saturday, January 7, 2012

Music Monday - Your My Boy Blu!

Blu, born as Johnson Barnes is this generation's version of Common just a west coast version; in my opinion.  Some others would compare him to Lupe, but almost all posts are deeming Blu as superceding any competition. 

He has an original sound and creative flow.  I LOVE his presense on each track.  The hooks are MARVELOUS and my favorite part.   For the most part he is a clean rapper, his lyrics aren't about hoes money and cars.. which is refreshing, however he does use a few choice 'adult' words.  Still better than A LOT of rappers/ hip hop emcees currently selling out crowds.
He has had many mixtapes and albums come out.  The most well known of the bunch is 'Below the Heavens'.  You can read more on the Hip Hop DX article from 2008, where he was named Rookie of the Year, back in 2007. 


For more up to date info check out his myspace and twitter.  For now hit the play buttons below for my two favorite songs of his. 

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