Monday, January 30, 2012

I dub today MARIUS MONDAY!

For all my frequent readers, you probably noticed a slight makeover on my page, if you are new I am most certain you are utterly and complely amazed and how MARVELOUS Marius Massie of Custom Initiative has been to me. 

First of all he masterfully created my banner.. *go Marius go Marius*
Second his pricing is super reasonable, Im a newby, and this is a hobby... need I say more.
Finally.. this dude is so funny and personable, he's just like a brother!  Well maybe for you single ladies.. who knows!! 0_0 Surely I jest.. hahaha!!

Marius Massie

Getting back to the story...
He was so FANTASTIC and fun and wonderful.. I decided to temporarily change my Music Monday focus to MARIUS Monday!!

Please, please PLEASE go check him out here or here and feel free to email him at  You can find him on facebook as he is a multi-faceted gentlemen. 

Marius you rock, and I LOVE my page!  I am thrilled to work with you again in the future!

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