Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday - Five after Two!

Hello readers and readettes! 
I had an exciting weekend with a few of my favorite gals, one in particular my sister Stephanie of Graded on a Curve. (she's hott right?!)  We host a monthly get together, Five after Two, with our fashion friends and basically any woman in 'want' of a boost of confidence, fashion tips, or just a fun girls night!  It is sourced out of our local church Passion Church in Maple Grove, MN where there are many groups just like ours that have different interests, ours being Fashion, Faith & Etiquette.  You can see those here.

This month we met up at Nordstrom Rack (LOVE) and we distributed and discussed the following Fashion, Faith & Etiquette tips and had a blast........

We had a fashion challenge, where the attendees chose a picture and shopped for 30 minutes to complete the inspired look.  They recieved a Caribou gift card for their accomplishments!  Unfortunately in all the excitement I didn't get any pics of the inspired outfits they found but I did get, well tried to get pics of the winners.. lol!
Here are some pics and my MARVELOUS FIND!

First my inspiration....
I chose a bold and boxy blazer, skinny jeans instead of leggings and I did a bootie by via spiga.. my 'winter version' of the outfit to the left.

Second, Stephanie's inspiration...
 Stephanie, right, added a hat, kept the yellow and did a darker denim...greatness.  She is here with one of the winners of the fashion challenge.

Here goes the fun... prepare yourself!

The other winner is looking at her phone trying to dodge pictures... you ladies, haha..
There is actually three people in this pic too by the way! SMH!

still hiding... at least one is smiling

pop ya collar... haha.. silly silly!

someone did some damage, in a good way!

Until next time!

Something to look forward to on an up and coming Wardrobe Wednesday..... my $20 fantasticness! GREEN HOUNDSTOOTH... I couldn't be happier!

Who or where do you find the most style inspiration?  How do you make the look your own?  Do you get together with anyone, or any group of fashion friends to empower and share your success?

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