Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toddler Tuesday - New Adventure!

She is the cutie that is to the immediate right of the African American dance teacher (the teachers right hand side).

I recently took Mayowa out of daycare due to distance and cost, and that was SO HARD. I boo-hooed for a while, and was comforted by the time I was able to spend with my beautiful child. 

I definitely paid attention to her abilities in rhythm and performing in front of people, as her father and I are lead people for our worship team, she rocks out with us at rehearsals.. lol. 

My husband and I decided to put her in to dance.   We chose Dominion Dance Company in Robbinsdale, MN a suburb just NW of Minneapolis.   At the start of class she was sitting and going along with it all... then the clingly cuddler that is my daughter took over!  She was nervous and whiny... I thought OH MY, did I push her into something she is not ready for, is she too scared, I just spent hundreds of dollars on a leotard, shoes, registration, costume fees....... (yeah I know I am that mom!)

The reality is she is three and its her first week, she raved about class afterwards, and talked about going back so I think we (mostly me) will turn out fine!

This pic below is the last few minutes of class after I had to leave the scene in order to make her go with the teacher. :)

Her she has her infamous blanky and her street shoes they so kindly obliged, in letter her wear.

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