Monday, February 6, 2012

Music Monday: South African with a Little Jazz

It is Black History Month (woohoooo) I love history, I love my people.  I found a marvelous website with a multitude of information.  It is moving and powerful to see how a people, a cultural group, was dissected, robbed, pillaged and raped of its prosperity and humanity; but continue to be trendsetters, contributors, people of power.  As I was reading today I came across this story of Miriam Makeba.  An intriguing story of music, love, beauty, exile, war, peace and ultimately world changing decisions.

Miriam Makeba

 Zenzile Miriam Makeba was born in 1932.  Imagine, or think back to your knowledge/awareness of what the world was like, internationally for people of color.  Now imagine this striking beauty, boldly trying to make a name for herself in the music industry, making a name for a new sound African Jazz.  In 2012 the odds would be in her favor, she is beautiful talented and creative.  In 1932, the odds were slightly different as she was black.  Even in Africa, it mattered.


The story continues to describe how she makes her way through a social justice performance, anti-apartheid musical, in South Africa in the 60's... she ended up in exile through a visa to Vienna.  While in exile she met Harry Belafonte and came to the US.   Long story short, she she won a Grammy, a peace prize, married Stokely Carmichael, served in the United Nations, CHANGED THE WORLD as we know it on so many levels. 


I am so inspired by her international efforts to do what she loved and made the world a better place, 1932- 2008.

Makeba in 1959 Come Back, Africa

Makeba & Belafonte 1966 Grammy Award Winner
Makeba & Carmichael

Makeba & Carmichael
Makeba in her STUNNING older years

ANOTHER MARVELOUS VIDEO HERE (embedding option disabled)

Who inspires you, whether talent, drive, beauty, words feel free to comment who and why. 
Continue to take advantage of this month of February, Black History Month, so we can learn more about the cultures that we are either a part of or which surround us.

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